"What a transformation

How naïve was I to think that when I was saying I ‘am fine’ I really was the opposite!

I’d never spoke openly about my issues outside of my marriage and close circle of friends before but something inside my head told me that this needed to change. From going to a reflexology appointment Beverly who had never met me before or knew a lot of my story mentioned the coaching that she takes could be of real benefit.

I remember our first session when I was asked to describe my journey. If anyone had of asked me this question before I always had a general answer of: we’re so busy with work, love our holidays etc etc when deep down my heart was aching and I didn’t want anyone to know. Something about Beverly made me ditch the rehearsed answer and for the first time tell the truth. The truth was that we have had a horrendous time, repeated miscarriages, IVF attempts, investigatory works and no baby yet to take home.

I went into the sessions with an open mind and week by week the emotions that I had unknowingly suppressed for years were making their way to the surface and I had to question why was I feeling this way and ultimately deal with them. How could I not have seen that I was ‘not fine’?

Each week I have built a better foundation and understanding of my fertility journey. This has coincided with my next round of IVF. The transformation I have seen in myself throughout this course is something that I am immensely proud of and can’t thank Beverly enough for her help & support."


"After trying to conceive for two and a half years, constant tests and finally a diagnosis of male factor infertility; I ended up in a dark place. Emotionally and physically exhausted by the toll of infertility. I missed the person I had been before I started trying to have a baby. I felt lost, overwhelmed and lived in a state of despair as I felt that I'd never become a mother.


My husband and I made the decision to seek medical help and we were recommended to try IVF using ICSI. This was not a road I ever thought I'd have to go down and I felt nervous and stressed about the entire IVF process. We were suppose to start our treatment in March but then lockdown was introduced which resulted in a closure of all of the Fertility Clinics. 


Fertility coaching was my lifeline during this time. With the support of Beverley I was able to implement techniques and use tools that would help me live in the 'wait' and get me out of the negative mind state I'd been living in for so long. Each coaching session focused on different areas of my fertility journey. It allowed me to tap into my emotions and understand how to deal with triggers in a way that meant I was in charge. All of the techniques, MP3's, Beverley's expertise and success steps I'd set myself, in the Fertility coaching sessions, allowed me to make positive changes. 


Looking back, I wasn't mentally ready to start IVF in March. When I started treatment in August, the Fertility coaching allowed me to feel in control, calm and excited about getting started! It showed me how far I'd come. Through the entire process I never felt overwhelmed and I surprised myself by how relaxed I was. When I arrived at the clinic for egg retrieval, I felt that feeling of anxiety kicking in but I was able to calm myself very quickly using the breathing techniques I'd been taught. I went into the theatre very relaxed. I don't want to imagine what mind state I would have been in if I hadn't completed the coaching. It would have been a very different experience!


I'm forever thankful to Beverley. Her knowlege, understanding and support is invaluable to anyone struggling with the pain of infertility. The coaching allowed me to feel in control again. It gave me hope, strength and a resilience to continue this journey"  L x

Hi Beverley 

I just want to start with a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your help and support over these months that you have helped me. I really don’t think I would be where I am today with out your guidance and help through the freedom of fertility course. People don’t talk enough about fertility problems and misscarriages. And only that I talked to someone is how I found out about you and your course. I knew I was in a bad place after my two miscarries and I blamed myself and my conditions for the losses. Though now I can see that it was out of my hands and these things happen. Though with the steps of the course , the breathing exercises , the different exercises Beverley sets and the MP3 mediations has helped me so much. It helped me with my past and things I didn’t even know what  was bothering me and how to make me a stronger person in My mind and body. I have even realised from it that it has helped my health.  If your mind and body is in a good place it helps with your health and well being. I recall saying that I didn’t want to meet friends as I was afraid they would say they are pregnant , I felt there were pregnant women everywhere and not me , but now I am in a good place I can deal with pregnant women and don’t get angry anymore as I am in a better frame of mind now. And I have worked on my body and mind to make my body a good place to carry a baby and delighted to say I am now 6 weeks pregnant and can not wait to do the follow on sessions for pregnancy. 

And I will continue using the breathing exercises and mediations for the rest of my life as I think they have made me a stronger person and have gave me hope. So from the bottom of my heart thank you Beverley , you will never know how much you have helped me and I will continue telling people so you can help them also. 


Thank you xx