My Story

Beverley Mulholland

BSc Nursing (Hons)

BSc Midwifery (Hons)

Freedom Fertility Coach
VTCT Dip( level 3) Reflexology, specialising in Fertility & Maternity  

Diploma in Hypnobirthing 


I am a practising Midwife/Nurse, Fertility Coach, Reflexologist, specialising in fertility and pregnancy.  I also work as a hypnobirthing practitioner.  I became interested in fertility through an experience I had working as a Midwife.  I met a couple who were struggling to have a family for about 3 years.  I will always remember the hurt and sadness in their eyes as they talked to me about their experience.  They said that this had taken over their lives, all the investigations, procedures physically.  But what stood out for me was the psychological and emotional impact this was having on them. They said there was no additional support available to them and they felt that they were on an emotional rollercoaster to the point it was affecting their relationship as a couple.  They had stopped doing things that they had enjoyed before, they had put their life on hold and all their focus in life was on having a baby.  They felt so frustrated, angry, stressed and overwhelmed and desperate to have a baby.


As well as that, as I continued to provide fertility reflexology to women who were having difficulties with fertility.  These women were at all stages of their journey 6 months, 12 months, up to 5 years on their fertility journey.  All of these women talked about their journey individually and uniquely, but these women all talked about how it was having such an emotional impact on their lives.  It was difficult to cope when they seen other women, friends, family all around them getting pregnant and moving on with life and they often voiced that they felt like they were stuck in this journey that was taking over their whole life.  They talked about feeling despair, stress, overwhelm and some felt even punished in their inability to become pregnant.  Again they felt no one understood their journey,  that they were not emotionally supported while they waited, often going through investigations or treatment. They felt that the treatment mainly focused on the physical impact of not conceiving.

I wanted to do something to support these women emotionally.  I wanted to help these women to deal with insecurities, anxieties and emotions and gain confidence to live their life again, to become the person they once were.  


I decided to train  to become a fertility coach and through this I help women to evolve,  transform changing their mindset and become whole again moving forward with positivity, strength and a feeling of being in control to feel free again, enjoying life while still holding space for a baby.